4 Pillars to Wellness

An integrated approach to brain health and performance.

Pillar 1

Breathwork & Vibration

Vibration massage therapy and breathwork can promote normal blood flow and oxygenation support for your brain and body while also helping you feel more calm and relaxed.

Pillar 2

Nutrition & Hydration

Specialized nutrition guidance and a carefully formulated group of supplements that work together providing you with the vital nutrients needed for optimal brain and body fitness.

Pillar 3

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is proven to promote brain wellness. Choose from expert trainers in group and private virtual training sessions or professional training videos to assist your physical fitness needs.

Pillar 4

Cognitive Stimulation

Backed by over 100 studies, our cognitive stimulation brain fitness programs can help improve and strengthen your brain function as well as provide real metrics for tracking your brain's progress.

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