2 Pack of Magnesium

Magnesium Complex

2 Pack of Magnesium

Supports cognitive function and healthy brain activity
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Are you getting enough?

Magnesium is a critical mineral for producing energy, preventing bone loss, and assisting in metabolism and nerve impulse transmission. However, as many as 72 percent of adult Americans fall short of the Recommended Dietary Allowance, according to a survey conducted by The Gallup Organization.

Why? Some medical experts cite diets that are based on low-quality grains and deficient in nuts and leafy vegetables (good food sources of magnesium). Because magnesium is a required cofactor for an estimated 300 enzymes, this mineral is a crucial part of every adult and child’s diet.

BIPRI Magnesium combines five different forms of magnesium for maximal absorption and utilization.

Low Magnesium… Increased Risk for Diabetes

Magnesium is necessary for producing healthy fats and protein, as well as glucose metabolism. Studies have linked low magnesium levels to increased risk for diabetes.

Better Working & Long-Term Memory?

In one study, researchers administered a new magnesium compound to mice. Scientists discovered the animals had better working memory, long-term memory, and improved learning ability. Researchers are currently exploring the possibility of similar effects in humans.



Magnesium is absolutely critical for maintaining healthy brain plasticity. This is because magnesium regulates how brain cells form those critical connections that are the foundation of learning and memory.

Nutrition Information
Serving Size

1 Softgel

Serving Per Container

180 Veg Capsules

Amount Per Serving
% DV
Magnesium 120mg 29%

Frequently Asked Questions

Higher magnesium intakes have been linked to health benefits such as a lower risk of heart disease, fewer migraines, reduced symptoms of depression and improved blood pressure, blood sugar levels and sleep. Magnesium promotes restorative sleep, which repairs the brain so it can function at its best every day.

Magnesium is a very important macromineral in the diet with a multitude of roles in the human body, including serving as a cofactor in more than 300 enzymatic reactions. There is strong data to suggest a role for magnesium in migraine and depression, and emerging data to suggest a protective effect of magnesium for chronic pain, anxiety, and stroke. (Nutrients. 2018 Jun; 10(6): 730).

To use magnesium to promote better sleep, you should take it about 1 to 2 hours before you'd like to fall asleep. Although, you could also split your dose between the morning and evening and take after meals.

Customers love Magnesium Complex

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Jessica Verified Reviewer

I found out about this stuff on Instagram and bought it for my headaches. Headaches are WAY too common for me and I'm pretty much at the point where I'll give anything legit a try. It definitely seems to help. I might try the vibration headband too and see if that helps with the headaches.

Clay Verified Reviewer

I started taking magnesium after working out because it's supposed to be good for taking care of your muscles following weight training and stuff. I like the product and it's super easy to just reorder with the subscription. Just giving it four stars cause it's hard to know 100% if it's working.

Adam M Verified Reviewer

I take this everyday as part of my morning supplements and though I don't notice it as much as some of the other supplements I have gotten here, my last physical showed a much healthier version of me than in the past 15 years.

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