Brain Support for Kids

Tools, programs, and supplements to support your child's healthy brain.


Supplements for Kids

Kid's Chewable EPA/DHA Plus

Essential Support for the young developing brain

Children's Optimal Brain and Body

Essential nutrients & nourishment for active kids

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Kids Probiotic Chewables

Designed to support healthy immune system function.


Food for Kids

Brain Focus for Kids

Organic brain targeted superfood bars.

Brain Focus

Organic brain targeted superfood bars.


Programs for Kids

Post Treatment Brain Support for Kids

Holistic wellness post treatment brain support program for kids

Kid's Fitness Training Program

Online home based training program for children.

Optimal Brain Performance for Kids

Total optimal brain performance system for kids.


Tools for Kids

4-Motor Headband

4-Motor Vibration therapy device

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Vortex Mixer Bottle

Quick, complete, and consistent mixing every time

Brain Games

Everything needed to improve your brain health at your fingertips.


Services for Kids

Baseline Brain Scan

EEG baseline profile brain scan. WELLBEING STARTS WITH THE BRAIN

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