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Brain tools, programs, nutrition, and supplements for children and adults.



Optimal Brain and Body Performance

Stimulant-free energy to support brain & body

Omega-3 EPA/DHA Plus

Concentrated formula for optimal brain health.

Neuro Vite Plus

Brain boosting blend promotes health and function

Probiotic Blend

designed to support gut health and brain wellness

Brain & Memory Fuel

Memory, focus, and concentration boost

Keto Brain

Brain fuel for high performance and everyday life

Neuro Alert

Designed to support brain and neurological funtions.

Relaxed Brain

Manage stress, appetite, and mood.

Young Brain

Jumpstart the Brain's Natural "Cleaning" Process

Vitamin D

Daily support for the Immune & Nervous Systems

Magnesium Complex

Supports cognitive function and healthy brain activity


Support for Kids

Kid's Chewable EPA/DHA Plus

Essential Support for the young developing brain

Children's Optimal Brain and Body

Essential nutrients & nourishment for active kids

Kids Probiotic Chewables

Designed to support healthy immune system function.


Brain Food

Hemp Tangerine Honey

Tangerine infused Hemp Honey perfect for pain management

Brain Focus for Kids

Organic brain targeted superfood bars.

Brain Focus

Organic brain targeted superfood bars.



AM Rise

Optimal brain energy, focus and memory support

PM Rest

Supports a deeper and more restful sleep experience

AM Rise PM Rest Combo

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil designed for a healthy brain.

CBD Gel Caps

Hemp-derived cannabidiol of the highest quality.

Brain & Body

Online Programs

Personal Fitness Training Program

Online customized training program for adults

Optimal Brain Performance

Total optimal brain performance system for adults.


Health Tools

Inversion Table

Supporting circulation, spinal health, & wellness

Vortex Mixer Bottle

Quick, complete, and consistent mixing every time

Brain Games

Everything needed to improve your brain health at your fingertips.


Health Services

Baseline Brain Scan

EEG baseline profile brain scan. WELLBEING STARTS WITH THE BRAIN

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