Developing the New BIPRI Kids Virtual Exercise Training Program

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Developing the New BIPRI Kids Virtual Exercise Training Program

Over the past five years I have had the opportunity to work locally with hundreds of kids designing fun programs that build strength, agility and body awareness. I have seen firsthand how changing societal patterns are affecting the health and performance of our kids.

The Current Approach to Physical Fitness Is Not Working for Our Kids.

Children spend significantly less time than their parents did in physical activity. In general, they lead very sedentary lives. Their play is strictly controlled, and most physical activity is being provided in very structured settings that often focus on specific sport skill development. PE and recess in school is extremely limited, and when play is allowed, it is usually highly controlled and not vigorous enough to provide much stimulus.

Because of this, many kids are severely out of shape, have limited strength and body awareness capabilities, and are highly likely to get injured when engaged in an actual physical activity. Many kids also have a dislike of physical play, physical education, or any activity that unties them from technology.

Family Life Is Busy. Virtual Exercise Integrates Into Your Schedule.

Many parents would love to find ways to increase the amount of physical education that their kids are getting on a regular basis, but they do not have the time or subject matter expertise to plan, supervise, or participate in these activities on a regular basis. Hiring a trainer or coach is expensive and taking the time to travel to a facility does not fit into a family’s already full schedule.

I’m excited to be part of a new chapter with BIPRI, leading our virtual exercise division, in which we will be introducing a specific package focused on kids training. Our kids training platform will provide a home-based program that develops general strength and conditioning, while enhancing gross motor skills. Kids will get stronger, faster, more agile, and will develop skills and physical attributes that will significantly reduce their likelihood of injury.

Custom Training Programs That Kids Love

My hope is that this program also provides an opportunity for parents to actively participate in a fitness program with their kids. These custom programs will be designed around the home environment and will have a mix of calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, animal movements, basic gymnastics, plyometrics and sprinting. We will focus on workouts that train our students to land, fall, roll and recover correctly.

How the BIPRI Kids Training Program Works

After an initial detailed consult, a BIPRI Coach will provide weekly workouts for our clients, delivered through our online platform. The program will include exercise descriptions, videos, and all necessary coaching questions and modifications that a parent might need to correctly monitor the workouts. Most workouts are a mix of old school PE and bodyweight bootcamp activities with a splash of Ninja Warrior training thrown in. We are designing workouts for kids ranging from 4-16 and have several clients with multiple children participating.

I’m deeply appreciative of my core group of families that have helped us build out and test our platform and training methods. I am also excited by the positive feedback that I am getting from our test group on the value the kids and parents are seeing with this program and the fun that they are having with the workouts.

I look forward to providing another service that provides Tools for a Healthier Brain (and body). More information coming soon. Schedule a consultation online. 

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