Do Probiotics Boost Kids’ Immune Systems & Protect Against Germs?

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Do Probiotics Boost Kids’ Immune Systems & Protect Against Germs?

‘Tis the (Cold and Flu) Season! Prevention v. Treatment

Sharing is caring... unless it’s your germs! As the season of family gatherings and parties with friends comes upon us, there are more opportunities for germs and illnesses to attack your children and sabotage your holiday season! Fortunately, you can be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to preventing illness and reducing the severity and longevity of illness.

Boost your child’s immune system!

Probiotics, Antibiotics and Immunity

Probiotics affect the gut and digestive system, promoting healthy bacteria. Much of the immune system resides in the digestive tract. Introducing good microflora is critical to having a healthy, balanced gut and boosting your child’s immunity.

Probiotic literally means “giving life,” while antibiotic translates to “against or killing life.” Antibiotics attack bad bacteria that cause illnesses. Antibiotics may help restore you to good health, but there could be a cost. Antibiotics are not exactly choosy about which bacteria they destroy. There’s a high probability of good bacteria being destroyed along with the bad. This can lead to additional issues, such as diarrhea, a common side effect of antibiotics.

So, you’re left with a nasty cycle... illness requires antibiotics, antibiotics cause digestive issues, digestive issues require additional medications or treatments, and so on.

Why not take a proactive approach? Reducing your child’s likelihood of contracting colds, the flu, ear infections and other illnesses through probiotics may also prevent gut problems. Maintaining a healthy immune system with probiotics can save you money, time and so much disappointment and frustration during this holiday season.

Probiotics, the Gut and the Brain

Not only are probiotics an important key to staying physically healthy during the holidays. They also have a significant impact on brain health. Scientists have uncovered what they refer to as the gut-brain axis (GBA), a two-way directional communication between the gut and the brain.

Consider how stress can sometimes cause “stomach” issues. The bio connection between the brain and digestive system is very real. It only stands to reason that having a healthy gut can help your brain and mind. When functioning balanced and efficiently, the GBA contributes to improved memory and cognition. It also can reduce symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, depression and contribute to better emotional control.

If your child is particularly prone to stress or anxiety around the holidays, when the days are shorter, the crowds are larger and more time is spent in confined spaces, then probiotics may help soothe and reduce symptoms.

Take Control of Your Child’s Holiday Health

While not a 100% guarantee to ward off all illnesses, probiotics may reduce not only the likelihood of the cold or flu, but may also shorten the duration and decrease the severity of illnesses. A Swedish study of children, ages 3-5, studied the occurrence of symptoms among a group given placebos versus those given either single or combination probiotics twice a day for six months. Within that study:

  • The frequency of fevers was 53% lower with single probiotics and almost 73% lower with combo probiotics.
  • Coughing incidents were 41% and 62% lower, respectively.
  • Runny noses were 28% and 48% lower than the controlled placebo group.

If you can reduce your child from contracting an uncomfortable ailment, if you can help their anxiety or stress, if you can improve the possibility of a Happy Holiday season for your kids and yourselves, wouldn’t you?

It may be as simple as adding Kids Probiotic Chewables to your daily routine. With a delicious, kid-friendly flavor and a combination of kid-appropriate probiotics, BIPRI’s probiotic blend can help make your season merry and bright!

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