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Exclusive Interview: Gary & Cassie Chapman (Part Two)

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Exclusive Interview: Gary & Cassie Chapman (Part Two)

Read part one of the interview here.

Gary Chapman: CBD completely changed me from a health perspective. It did.

Bob Hutchins: Talk about that.

Gary Chapman: And I was already, I thought, in relatively good shape. I've always wanted to do that because I love to do a lot of stuff and if you're a slob you can't, you know. But this, it really helped me turn the corner. That and she's really diet conscious and having her in my life and CBD in my life is ... I'm 40 something pounds lighter and significantly stronger. My 61 year old self could whip my 30 year old butt pretty badly.

Bob Hutchins: You know, one of the things I've noticed since I've been taking CBD, it depends on, you know, obviously your own chemistry and everyone's unique. So I hear different things. For me, the greatest thing is a mental wellbeing state.

Gary Chapman: Yep.

Bob Hutchins: And zero inflammation anymore in my body.

Gary Chapman: Yeah. That's the big one.

Bob Hutchins: Yeah. Especially as you get older and you start hitting, you know, your 40s, 50s, 60s inflammation ... I don't know about women, but for men it's like you get up out of a chair and you're like, oh or ah.

Gary Chapman: You make that sound, you know, every time you move you-

Bob Hutchins: And you just assume that's just a normal part of getting older. You can't keep up with 20 year olds anymore. However, since I've been on CBD, I don't have those ... like, yes, from time to time I do, but I don't have just an overall sense of inflammation in my body, which is huge. And my thought is if that's happening in my joints, it's got to be happening in my brain and in other parts of my body, too, so.

Gary Chapman: Right. That's what fires me up about what we're actually doing together. I'm anxious to try the formulas that your people and our people-

Bob Hutchins: Yeah. So for the listeners before Cassie, we're going to get to CBD and your migraines because it's important. But for those who are listening, BIPRI is formulating and we'll have on our website soon two different CBD formulas, an AM and a PM. In addition to using LabCanna’s CBD, we're also formulating some other ingredients that will specifically target the brain and have things that are scientifically proven to address the brain. And for us having a PM formula to help people sleep, to get them in a state of rest so that your brain can reboot by the morning, is really important.

Bob Hutchins: And then an AM formula to be able to say, how do I attack, you know, the tasks of the day effectively, and not just attack them but have a sustaining long, you know ... I drink a lot of coffee and I know it's not healthy for you, but caffeine is great to get you going. But you know, you drop off at some point.

Gary Chapman: Right.

Bob Hutchins: What we're trying to maintain with our AM formula is the CBD with some other formulations that will sustain people. So just that, that's what that's about.

Gary Chapman: I'm fired up about it, seriously.

Bob Hutchins: Good.

Gary Chapman: Look at me selling. Look at me, I'm selling something.

Bob Hutchins: You're a great salesman. So you gave CBD to your bride and Cassie took that and all of a sudden you're saying, wow, this opioid, you know, results-

Cassie Chapman: I'm not going to say it was a fun ride because it was not, but you know-

Bob Hutchins: It's not a magic bullet.

Cassie Chapman: I didn't go back. I didn't relapse. And that's what happens I would say 98% of the time. That stuff is so addicting.

Gary Chapman: Well and you had tried before.

Cassie Chapman: Oh yeah, yeah, yes. So with the CBD, like I said, it just, it calmed my stomach because that's another thing that happens in the withdrawal. It's nothing will stay in and it just helped relax everything. It's the restless leg syndrome thing is awful at night, you can't sleep. So that was great and I didn't crave anything. So that was also a huge plus.

Bob Hutchins: Fantastic. That's great. So it helped with that, still got the migraines, not as frequently? Is that kind of where you were at this time?

Cassie Chapman: Yes, exactly. So the migraines totally not totally, but they diminished a lot. I wasn't having them ... I wasn't even having them once a month. But yes.

Bob Hutchins: So when you did have them, were they just as strong as they were?

Cassie Chapman: Oh yeah. Absolutely.

Bob Hutchins: So Gary, you knew our founder, Mickey Mitchell, and you had been talking with him and we had even been talking about a CBD formula. And then in one of those conversations, either with him or Dr. Phil we got to talking about the BIPRI headband that uses vibration technology. Talk a little bit about that.

Gary Chapman: Well, you know, I am skeptical by nature and when I first saw it-

Bob Hutchins: You're a skeptical salesman.

Gary Chapman: I am. I am. And a skeptical buyer as well. So I saw this thing and I thought, okay, I know these people know what they're doing. Mickey's not an idiot, far from it. He's got tons and tons of savvy. He's very successful. And so I suspect he didn't hire any idiots. Dr. Phil was extremely impressive with his kind of down-home Mississippi brilliance. And so I knew that there was something there, but it just seemed too easy. That is the word, to just put this thing on and it's going to do your brain some good.

Gary Chapman: But I got one and I took it home, the eight motor piece, and I, you know, just followed the breathing instructions and kept it off for 20 minutes or so. And I think I probably told you, I said, you know, I don't know exactly what it is, but something, something happened like-

Cassie Chapman: I'm sure that's exactly what you said. Yep.

Gary Chapman: Reset is really the word that-

Bob Hutchins: We've heard that before. Yeah.

Gary Chapman: It's like, okay. It's like you just kind of whatever was on your chalkboard, you took a wet cloth and just ... look at that. Look how clean that is now. And it's that. We have not started the supplements yet. We want to, but we want to do your brain scan thing.

Bob Hutchins: Yeah, the BIPRI Brain Helmet baseline.

Gary Chapman: Just kind of get our baseline before picture if you will, and see what that does. I'm fired up to go down that path.

Bob Hutchins: That's awesome. So then you brought this to your wife?

Gary Chapman: Yes.

Bob Hutchins: And you're saying hey, this might help with your migraines.

Gary Chapman: She was skeptical as well, but I said, you know what? What's it going to hurt? You know you're going to have another migraine at some point and when it happens, put this thing on and do these deep breathing exercises, I think every five or seven minutes or whatever, I forget what the sequencing was. And I don't know how long ... how long was it until you ... just a few days.

Cassie Chapman: It was within the week that he brought it home and I was like, oh my gosh, this couldn't have come at a better time.

Gary Chapman: Give me that thing, let me try it.

Bob Hutchins: And so you tried it?

Cassie Chapman: I did. So I laid down in the bed because what I have to do, pitch black, cold in the bed and I put it on, did the deep breathing exercises and after 20 minutes that thing was gone and I couldn't believe it. I was like, what is this magic phrase? Yeah, yeah. After 17 years, this.

Bob Hutchins: So how many times have you used it since you-

Cassie Chapman: I've only had one.

Bob Hutchins: Wow.

Cassie Chapman: Yeah. Yeah. So I don't know. I don't know what your magic is here, but.

Bob Hutchins: Yeah, that's great. It's so good to hear. And like you said, Gary, I think a lot of people, it's kind of different. It's kind of quirky.

Gary Chapman: Well, it's beyond quirky. Yeah, it's weird. It's totally weird, but it's awesome. There's something really invigorating about it.

Cassie Chapman: It is yeah.

Gary Chapman: It fires me up.

Bob Hutchins: Dr Phil has some stories, you know. He's goes back and he studies old, old medical heroes and studies and things like that. And some of the history of vibration technology is there's this story that's documented of a doctor, I believe it was here in the US at the turn of the century. And he was trying to treat people with different types of Parkinson's and other things like that where they would shake and you know really, really early on in their understanding of this. And he would have patients that would come from miles around or live in places that were rural. And one of the things he noticed was that when people arrived and he would come into his office, they would do the test and they would say, you know, doc, for some reason when I came in your office, I felt, you know, the symptoms are better and I'm not shaking as much. And he kept noticing having that same thing and he was like, well, what, what's going on? Is it psychological? Or you know of course using what he understood at the time.

Bob Hutchins: And when he put two and two together is back then they would take these horse carriages or ride other things and the roads weren't paved. And so they were literally vibrating, shaking.

Gary Chapman: Shaking.

Bob Hutchins: They were shaking from the time they went there to the time they would get there. And he's like maybe there's a connection with vibration and the brain and the body and something that's helping this. So he was the first one to develop, I forget the guy's name, this vibrating chair that he would treat patients in when they came in for these type of ailments. He would sit them down and then people from all over would come and you know, they would say, this guy is having this amazing result in helping people with these ailments. And then of course modern medicine came up and pharmaceuticals and everything else and it kind of got buried. But that's kind of a fun story to say, well this isn't anything new. It's been around a long time.

Gary Chapman: Yeah but they didn't have the headband.

Bob Hutchins: Yeah, they didn't have the headband.

Cassie Chapman: And probably not that powerful vibration.

Bob Hutchins: Yeah, so talk a little bit about your daughter Eva Rose and what she's meant in your life. And she's a beautiful, amazing little girl. I've met her only once.

Gary Chapman: Yeah

Cassie Chapman: She's wild. She's a redhead to a T.

Bob Hutchins: So, she's adopted?

Cassie Chapman: Yes.

Bob Hutchins: Is there a story behind that?

Gary Chapman: Oh, good grief. Yes.

Bob Hutchins: We don't have time for that.

Gary Chapman: No, you don't have time for that one. All of our stories are very long because we like to tell them. No, no, she is adopted. We brought her home from the hospital and she was then and still is just this crazy, beautiful kid. She's really a great looking kid. She's so fun. She loves everybody. When she walks into a room, everybody has to be hugged. Everybody has to say hello.

Cassie Chapman: Welcomed, yes.

Gary Chapman: Everybody's gotta be welcomed. When she leaves, everybody has to be told goodbye. She says thank you and please. But beyond those kind of perfunctory verbal movements, she's technically non verbal. They tell us that her brain operates at roughly a hundred times the normal speed. We're anxious to get her tested to see how close or right or wrong they may or may not be.

Bob Hutchins: Just to kind of do a map of the brain and understand what's going on so that you can kind of see.

Gary Chapman: But she's just so smart. She's really brilliant. Every now and then she'll do something that's just shockingly intelligent and at the same time she's, you know, she's in a school now, she'll transition to a public school this next year because Williamson County has such great public schools. All of her current therapists tell us that we should go to this particular elementary school because they have the best therapy and we, you know, we do everything that we can to give her every chance to be the best she can be. That's our job. Right? But it has highs and lows, man. It's tough.

Gary Chapman: Cassie, she does, you know, the lion's share of a lot of that day-to-day stuff. And it's extremely demanding because she's-

Cassie Chapman: Now she's almost as tall as me. So that's really awkward when she's having a meltdown in the store.

Gary Chapman: It's true. It's true. She's six years old and she is a long drink of water. She's very tall and she has, you know, some ... her biggest issues socially are transition problems. You know, moving from one space to another always has ... not always. Many times has, you know, I don't like this or I don't want to do that. And the fact that she's not speaking is clearly becoming more and more frustrating to her because what she's reading on-

Cassie Chapman: Like a second grade level.

Gary Chapman: Yeah. I mean she totally understands everything, but she can't say it.

Cassie Chapman: Just the processing thing.

Gary Chapman: You can imagine how frustrating that would be.

Bob Hutchins: Oh yeah.

Cassie Chapman: She reads paragraphs out loud, but she cannot formulate a sentence. Yeah. It's bizarre.

Gary Chapman: Yeah. Yeah.

Bob Hutchins: So now that you've gotten on top of your migraines, how has your life changed with being a mom and, you know, working with Eva Rose?

Cassie Chapman: I feel so good.

Bob Hutchins: I can't imagine for how many, how many years did you suffer with that?

Cassie Chapman: 17 years.

Bob Hutchins: Wow.

Cassie Chapman: Yep.

Bob Hutchins: Wow.

Cassie Chapman: That's a long time.

Bob Hutchins: That's amazing. That's amazing.

Cassie Chapman: So it's, yeah, it's changed my life dramatically.

Bob Hutchins: I can't even imagine how you would function with the Eva Rose and with Gary to say that.

Cassie Chapman: It was awful. Yeah. He's the biggest man child.

Bob Hutchins: That's awesome. And do you give you Eva Rose CBD?

Cassie Chapman: Well, absolutely. Yeah.

Bob Hutchins: And that's been a ... I'm sure that's helped.

Gary Chapman: You know, the getting the right amount of the right thing in her is a challenge because, you know, sublingually is the best way to ingest, but if it goes into her mouth, it's going to get swallowed or spit out and it's not going to stay under your tongue for 30 seconds. It's not going to happen. Gummies-

Bob Hutchins: So liquids probably the best.

Gary Chapman: Yeah. Gummies can work. We try everything. We try everything. But whoever comes up with that particular magic bullet, trust me, it's been good. It's been worked on and there is a giant market for it because kids ... I think all kids should actually be on it. I think it's very, very good for them.

Bob Hutchins: That's great.

Cassie Chapman: I think it helps with autistic children and it helps with kids that are ADHD. You know, it helps everybody.

Bob Hutchins: For those of you listening in and really want to see something very, very impressive, go Google Charlotte's Web and the video behind it that the CNN doctor did a few years ago. That's an amazing piece of just ... not only storytelling, but the fact that here you have this little girl who was probably around the same age or younger who suffered from how many seizures a day?

Cassie Chapman: It was like a hundred and something days.

Bob Hutchins: It was crazy, she just could not function in any capacity. And the only thing that stopped the seizures was CBD. This was back in the day where the only place you could get it was Colorado. So her family literally had to pick up and move from where they were to Colorado and found other families that had moved to Colorado. So there's definitely something there.

Gary Chapman: Oh, we get the stories all the time. I'm kind of on the receiving end of that in my position at the company. You know, we can't advertise what it does because that's against the law. But anecdotally it's unmistakable. There's no question. It's common. You know, nine-year-old boy that was having 50 seizures a day, has not slept through a night in his life, starts taking it. Zero seizures, sleeps like a stone for eight hours. That is a giant, giant thing.

Bob Hutchins: Oh, you've change someone's life forever.

Gary Chapman: You've changed their parents, you've changed their siblings. That affects an entire family. It's a big thing.

Bob Hutchins: One of the things we talk about here at BIPRI, as our company is rolling, is that we always try to remind each other that what we're really offering people is hope.

Gary Chapman: Yep.

Bob Hutchins: Like the products are great and yeah the money, the money to sustain, to do these things is great. But at the end of the day, if you're suffering from something like you're talking about – to have a child with seizures or somebody who's had a brain injury or someone who has migraines – you're really offering hope to people and that's a business I want to be in.

Gary Chapman: Oh, big time.

Bob Hutchins: Well, Gary and Cassie, thank you so much for being on our program, and we'd love to hear what's happening as time goes by and once we get your baselines and move forward to see what kind of results we're having.

Gary Chapman: Let's see. Thank you.

Bob Hutchins: All right. Thanks guys.

Cassie Chapman: Thank you.

Read part one of the interview here.

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