Kid’s Chewable EPA/DHA Plus

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2 Pack of Kid's Chewable EPA/DHA Plus

3 Pack of Kid's Chewable EPA/DHA Plus

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Kid’s Chewable EPA/DHA Plus offers essential support for the young developing brain. Our formula provides concentrated levels of DHA and other omega-3 fatty acids essential for your child’s optimal brain health. No brain wellness program is complete without it!

The most important component of our delicious, chewable, fruit-flavored formulation is DHA, which researchers have identified as a key nutrient in supporting brain wellness. Research has also proven DHA to be essential in brain development at every stage of life.

In fact, omega-3 DHA makes up 10-20% of the fatty acids in your brain’s cerebral cortex, the part of your brain responsible for memory, attention, emotion, language, and creativity. By taking a quality omega-3 EPA/DHA supplement, you can help nourish your child’s developing brain with the critical support it needs. Plus, kids love the delicious fruit flavor (no fishy smell or taste)! See our FAQ section and verified reviews below to learn more.

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10 reviews for Kid’s Chewable EPA/DHA Plus

  1. Landon Patricks

    We loved the Kids Chewable so much we have continued using them with our daily multivitamin

  2. Samantha McAdams

    My son has a hard time taking vitamins and it was so easy to get him to take them.

  3. Holly Darling

    My son really loves these. They taste great and I know they are great for him.

  4. Parker Ammorson

    I can’t get my kids to remember anything – except take their chewables.

  5. Kelley Melchor

    My kids love the taste and I love that it has no fishy taste otherwise they wouldn’t take it. My daughter has better focus on her guitar classes and my son is doing better with his homework.

  6. Jonathan Centers

    I wanted to increase the omega-3 vitamins my daughter was getting, so I started giving her the Kids Chewable’s since my husband and I already take the Omega 3 by Bipri.

  7. Taylor Nicolson

    The kids chewable is incredible, improved concentration and disposition! What a difference and so appreciated! I know my kids health is in good hands

  8. B.H

    Perfect for kids because there’s NO fishy taste… I love that my kids are getting the nutrition they need and that it’s easy to take. Thanks BIPRI!!

  9. Tennille Melcher

    My daughter loves the taste! She calls them fruit snacks. 😉

  10. Terri Bonesteele

    I no longer have anxiety when it comes to giving my boys vitamins, knowing they might not get all they need from the foods they eat. I Love chewables and they love the taste

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