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Your child deserves a healthy immune system. Find out how you can boost their immunity with BIPRI!

Kid's Chewable EPA/DHA Plus

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Support your child’s gut health.

Did you know that 60% of the body’s immune system lives in the gut? Supporting your child’s gut health is critical for a balanced, healthy immune system. You can support gut health by providing foods that are rich in probiotics (kimchi and sauerkraut, for example). If that sounds like an uphill parenting battle, we recommend a probiotic supplement – especially one that contains prebiotic fiber (the fuel that increases the presence of healthy bacteria in the gut).

Does your child get enough vitamin D?

According to studies, one in ten kids is vitamin D deficient and approximatley six in ten have suboptimal levels of vitamin D. Insufficient levels can result in frequent sickness and infection, fatigue, pain, bone and hair loss, and slow-healing wounds. Vitamin D plays a critical role in many of the body’s essential functions, such as the immune and nervous systems. Food is rarely a sufficient source of vitamin D. And, depending on where you live, your kids may not getting enough in the form of sunshine right now.

Fish oil, kids and immune health – an unlikely combo?

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil may have benefits beyond potentially supporting brain health — they could also benefit the immune system, according to university studies. Researchers from Michigan State University and East Carolina University found that fish oil high in the omega-3 fatty acid compound DHA seemed to boost activity of a white blood cell called a B cell, a vital part of the body’s immune response. In these studies the DHA-rich fish oil worked in mice in a particular way, prompting researchers to note that these findings could have special applications for people with compromised immune systems. Journal of Leukocyte Biology, 2012; 93 (4)

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