Mental Edge Bundle


Looking for a competitive edge? We’ve got you covered.

Optimal Brain and Body Performance

Perform at your peak, all day, every day. BIPRI Optimal Brain and Body Performance is a unique powder blend of vitamins and botanical extracts formulated to support your brain and body’s ability to perform at its best.

Neuro Vite Plus

Our specially formulated Nootropic multivitamin/mineral provides an array of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to support overall brain and body health and resilience.

Neuro Alert Plus

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Mental Edge Bundle is the ultimate kit for top-performers seeking increased mental clarity, focus, and energy. Optimal Brain and Body Performance packs a powerful punch of adaptogens (to help your body manage stress), while also improving blood flow to the brain. Neuro Alert Plus is loaded with phosphatidylserine, a naturally occurring brain chemical believed to support memory and verbal recall. Neuro Vite Plus, a robust nootropic in powder drink mix form, offers the nutrients your brain requires for supporting mitochondrial health and function in cells. (Mitochondria are the cellular organelles that power every energy-requiring bodily process.) Learn more below.

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