Neuro Vite Plus

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Our specially formulated Nootropic multivitamin/mineral provides an array of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to support overall brain and body health and resilience.

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  • Wish you could finally break through?
  • Have more energy?
  • Bring home the trophy?

Made to help you focus better, reduce procrastination, and increase your energy, Neuro Vite Plus contains a unique blend of fast acting nutrients combined with a superior mix of all the basic vitamins and minerals for peak brain performance.

Neuro Vite Plus is one of the most comprehensive brain health and performance products available. Our pharmacist formulated proprietary formula is designed to provide targeted brain support, performance, and resilience.

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13 reviews for Neuro Vite Plus

  1. Bob Fuller

    I have been taking this for about 2 weeks it is the most important part of my supplements. I recommend it to everyone.

  2. Jimmy Craperfield

    Just like most people I usually I have a mid-day crash from all the coffee I drink. Neuro Vite is a great multi-vitamin that keeps me balanced the entire day. I gave it a 4 star because I don’t like powdered drinks and wish the company would make this in a capsule form.

  3. Sarah Peters

    Neuro Vite is an amazing multivitamin that provides long lasting, steady wakefulness without jitters or anxiety. I noticed that I stop tapping my foot too when I’m bored.

  4. Samantha Petterson

    The mix of ingredients in the Neuro Vite compliment each other so perfectly that I stay focused all day haven’t needed coffee in a few weeks

  5. Gerald Billiard

    This product is amazing. I have struggled with a below average memory and regular episodes of brain farts since childhood. This product has solved it for me and I now take it every day. Thanks

  6. Bob W Hutchins

    Love all your products! This one has become my staple as a daily vitamin.

  7. Jonathan Warren

    Since I started taking Neuro Vite, I rarely drink any coffee, am able to stay alert, calm and tap into levels of creativity I have not experienced in a while. This stuff is simply awesome

  8. Michael

    Suffered 2 strokes, 2016 and 61 y/o .i have been researching and trying many different types of products and therapy’s . I found this company on facebook,, gave them a call ,spoke with Dr. Phil, who is a wealth of information, NOT a salesman. ordered the nurovite..amazing. almost immediate results. energy, focus. awesome product ,highly recommend.

  9. Scott Shipman

    I’ve been on the Recovery Program for about 90 days and for the first time happened to miss my late afternoon serving of Neuro Vite Plus and Brain + Memory. I noticed a significant reduction in my overall clarity and focus last night . These are great products and I am showing real progress in my brain performance since beginning the program.

  10. Jackie Q.

    A little to strong for me, I felt it immediately and hope they come out with a less intense version so I can build up to it.

  11. Alex Nathez

    Works as advertised. What else can I say?

  12. Brad Pocket

    Simply Amazing! Very skeptical at first as I have tried countless other “brain boosters” with mixed results, but not only have I been able to complete my tasks quicker with less mistakes, but I have even been knocking items off my “honey-do” list at home and my wife has even noticed the change!

  13. Brad Pocket

    Def notice the difference. I’ve been able to focus the entire time in class and my assignments seem to make more sense since I started taking this 6 weeks ago.

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