Probiotic Blend

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This powerful Pharmacist formulated unique blend of probiotics and prebiotic fiber is designed to support gut health and brain wellness including mood.

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While you might take a probiotic to help with digestion, there’s more research coming out that suggests specially formulated probiotics for the brain could provide significant value to many adults.

  • “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”
  • “There’s a pit in my stomach.”
  • “My heart just sank.”
  • “My gut says to just do it.”

Isn’t it interesting how we describe so many cognitive and emotional processes in areas that don’t seem to have anything to do with our brains? Researchers are finding more evidence for the “gut-brain” connection. The gut is actually picking up new nicknames in some circles: the “little brain” or the “second brain.”

Probiotic blends for the brain may be rich in prebiotic fibers, which may promote the growth or activity of probiotic organisms within the body.

Additionally, certain probiotic strains have been demonstrated in clinical trials to benefit mood and coping with occasional anxiety possibly related to stressful experiences.

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14 reviews for Probiotic Blend

  1. Adam Dolton

    This probiotic is the best! I used this product for 2 weeks and then decided to try another brand because I wasn’t completely comfortable with the price… My body yelled at me for that bad decision and I immediately went back to the Probiotic Blend. It’s the only Probiotic that doesn’t irritate my stomach

  2. Kayla Henderson

    My husband bought me the Probiotic Blend because his business partner had mentioned he takes it every day. I am so grateful for the recommendation and my body is thanking him for it.

  3. Sara Pakatran

    Excellent product. I work in a hospital and need to stay healthy, especially during the flu season. This and the Neuro Vite are my daily go-to supplements

  4. Phil Millers

    I’ve used several brands of probiotics. None compares to this product. My entire family now takes it.

  5. Maureen Tally

    It’s pretty cool how they can pack so many great ingredients into one small pill. I really feel like it’s made a difference with my digestion and now it’s a part of my daily supplements. Thank you

  6. Brenda Walters

    I have tried many different types of probiotics and this one seems to agree with my stomach the most. I haven’t had any GI problems in a while. I’ll report back in a few months after taking them.

  7. Bill Farber

    It helped me tremendously with my IBS and I felt the difference within first week I took this product.

  8. Samuel Hicky

    Easy to swallow capsules that don’t stick in my throat, I have had GI issues my whole life and I have already noticed a difference since taking the probiotic blend

  9. Tiffany Charling

    Easy to take capsules. I definitely noticed that I was more regular since taking the Probiotics. Plus the price isn’t bad compared to most of the other quality brands.

  10. Savanna Smythe

    I feel great! So far so good

  11. B.H

    I have tried lots of other probiotics. Most did little to nothing. I am starting to notice changes in the way my stomach feels. Not so bloated and full through out the day.

  12. Raven Winters

    I am not having bloating, abdominal cramping, and excessive gas since starting this 3 months ago

  13. Porter Christopherson

    I suffer from stomach issues and every drug store brand and over the counter probiotic made it so much worse. My Dr. recommended the Probiotic Blend and I have had no stomach issues since switching about 3 months ago. I would recommend this to others.

  14. Dawn T.

    I’ve been taking these for a few weeks and have had NO digestion issues. Only been taking them at night because I hear they work best on an empty stomach. I think I can tell a difference in feeling more calm and restful, too.

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