Focus & Concentration... Why Do Some Kids Struggle?

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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

Focus & Concentration... Why Do Some Kids Struggle?

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The foods we eat can provide critical support for healthy balanced bodies… or they can cause mental, physical, and emotional distress in our lives.



  • Omega-3s and ADHD: Why it Works for Kids
  • Fish Oil for Kids: How Omega-3 Affects Kids’ Brains & Behavior
  • Focus Foods: What ADHD Kids Need for Concentration!




What Science Says about Omega-3s and ADHD

The link between Omega-3s and ADHD is so profound that it is the most studied nutrient in conjunction with the prevention, reduction and treatment of ADHD. So what do these studies reveal?

Two analytical studies show children with ADHD have lower blood levels of Omega-3s. According to one analysis, those with ADHD had Omega-3 levels 38% lower than their counterparts.

Lower Omega-3 levels in children with ADHD are associated with impaired emotion processing. This can manifest in behaviors such as defiance, mood swings, hostility, learning difficulties and the ability to understand and appropriately respond to emotions.


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