Finding BIPRI: From Maine to Tennessee With Dustin Stanton

Dustin Stanton
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Finding BIPRI: From Maine to Tennessee With Dustin Stanton

Change: Relocating from Maine to Tennessee

In the midst of one of the most significant life changes I have been through, relocating halfway across the country to a place familiar but still strange, I was looking for the next step in the evolution of my career. Making a big change is never easy to do – neither is uprooting everything and moving away from everyone you have come to love and become comfortable with. But as I have been told all my life, you have to follow your dreams and take changes when others find comfort. I knew that I was meant to make the journey from Maine to Tennessee and that the next chapter of my life was waiting for me there.


My Background in Rehabilitation & Athletic Training

Prior to moving, I worked for a company called Central Maine Conditioning Clinic as an Athletic Trainer. They molded me and developed my skills in clinical rehabilitation, differential diagnosis, identifying biomechanical imbalances and so much more. What they really gave me was an understanding of my purpose in life – a purpose that is to do what I can while I can for others around me. It makes me proud to be an Athletic Trainer and have the ability to help athletes and patients with all kinds of injuries in all sorts and traditional therapy settings. 

Discovering BIPRI Brain Wellness in Franklin, TN

New to Tennessee, I was searching for my place down here where I could utilize my skills and abilities when, one day, a side conversation directed me to looking at a startup called BIPRI. Listening to what was being described to me, I knew I wanted to know more.

BIPRI stood for something that intrigued me. Immediately I knew I had to at least get in contact with them. Their mission is to create and share innovative brain health and wellness tools… because everybody deserves a healthier brain.

The Four Pillars of Wellness

Learning about their values and four pillars of wellness, I knew BIPRI was where I needed to be. There are no more important pillars, in a general sense, when dealing with overall wellness:

  1. Breathwork and vibration.
  2. Nutrition and hydration.
  3. Physical fitness.
  4. Cognitive stimulation

By implementing these pillars into your daily routine, including appropriate supplements to aid in what your body doesn’t get every day, you can mold and build a stronger body and mind. The goal is to help people achieve better physical and cognitive health, allowing them to go about their day with the most optimal body, brain and mental focus.

"BIPRI Found Me"

I look forward to exploring and opening new avenues for better brain health in Tennessee, and I plan to follow my mission of building a system that can help everyone around me. People deserve the best kind of care, and we can help lead the charge.

So, in the end, I don’t think I found BIPRI. It found me.

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