Your Brain on Beets: Hope for Older Adults

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Your Brain on Beets: Hope for Older Adults

What’s red, delicious, and good for your brain? Beets! In fact, a 2010 study found that drinking beet juice can increase blood flow to the brain in older adults, which “could hold great potential for combatting the progression of dementia.” Several other studies have come to a similar conclusion, with many showing tangible evidence of the ergogenic differences that just a single shot of beet juice can make in older adults.  

In this blog post, we discuss how a daily dose of beets can benefit your brain. To experience the power of beets for yourself, order our Optimal Brain and Body Performance and Neuro Vite Plus supplements today. Both of these BIPRI products contain potent powder from beetroots — the most nitrate-rich part of the plan. Read on to learn more about your brain on beets, then browse all of our brain health supplements, tools, online programs, and more today! 

What Is Nitrate?

The key component of beetroot powder and juice is nitrate, which the body converts to nitrite and then nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has been shown to have powerful effects on the responsiveness of your blood vessels. As a result, consuming beets can increase the amount of oxygen that reaches your brain and can even improve aspects of your cognitive functioning.

Beets and Exercise

Many studies pay particular attention to the effects that beet consumption has when combined with exercise in older adults. Beets have been shown to significantly improve ergogenic performance in older adults. This means that older adults who exercise and supplement with beets will get more benefits from their workouts than those who only exercise do. Older adults with high blood pressure can particularly benefit from combined exercise and beet juice, due to the powerful effects that nitrates have on blood vessels; not only can they lower their blood pressure, but they can greatly improve their athletic performance at the same time.

The Best Way to Consume More Beets

Beets tend to be a polarizing vegetable — people seem to either love the taste of beets or hate it. Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum, it’s undeniable that beets bring many positive benefits to your brain and body, such as increased cognitive functioning, better athletic performance, and lower blood pressure. Whether you’re an older adult looking to experience the powers of beets for yourself or you’re in search of a neuroprotective supplement for a loved one, BIPRI can help. 

Our best-selling Optimal Brain and Body Performance supplement contains 250 mg of beetroot powder as part of its proprietary blend of vitamins and botanical extracts. Providing stimulant-free energy, naturally anxiolytic ingredients, and brain-boosting extracts, Optimal Brain and Body Performance can help you fight fatigue, focus, and feel great. If you’re looking to improve your cellular health and function through a daily dose of beets and other all-natural ingredients, try our Neuro Vite Plus. This natural nootropic provides daily support for a healthier brain and body in the form of an easy-to-mix, delicious citrus formula, 

Experience the Power of Beets With BIPRI

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