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Why BIPRI? Personal (Part 3)

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Why BIPRI? Personal (Part 3)

Sitting Down With the Brain Helmet

On my intro day with the organization in late May, I was “volunteered” to become a test subject on our newly purchased neurological testing product, the WAVi Helmet. This product provides a detailed look at an individual’s brain wave speed and voltage. It will enable providers with a view of brain functionality that traditionally could only be found through very expensive, time-consuming clinical scans like an EEG or MRI.  

50th Percentile?

To my surprise, my scan showed a greatly reduced brain wave speed and brain wave amplitude compared to my control group. I was in the 50th percentile in both those areas, indicating that I am showing signs of decreased brain function and could possibly be an early indicator of issues like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Although I believe that I am not showing any outward signs of decreased brain functionality, the test has opened my eyes to the seriousness of brain health.

30+ Years of Wrestling

I spent over thirty years of my life competing at high levels in the sport of wrestling (and a couple of years in MMA), but never experienced a concussion or any acute head related trauma. I do know that I have had enough subconcussive impacts over the course of my competitive and coaching career to cause over 15 spinal fractures in my neck and upper torso, giving me cause to consider a physical history that could lead to reduced cognitive/neurological function.

BIPRI Brain Recovery Program

I made the decision the day after my WAVi test to jump into BIPRI’s Brain Recovery Program and have been following every aspect of the program for about 45 days. This includes the fitness and nutrition recommendations, the vibration and body alignment protocols, the multiple brain and digestive system focused supplements, and the daily brain games. 

I will be retested after 60 days to see if I am showing any improvement in either my brain wave speed or voltage. I have noticed anecdotal evidence of some changes so far, but I’ll save my feedback as a program participant for another blog.

I am in an interesting spot as a person who will be leading key parts of the organization while simultaneously serving as participant and verifiable test subject for the programs that I will be selling. I believe I have landed with BIPRI for reasons that involve both my professional career and personal well-being. Here’s to hoping that I am correct. 

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Scott Shipman

Scott Shipman

Scott joined the BIPRI team in 2019 and oversees the company’s Health & Fitness division and BIPRI Baseline Program. Over the last ten years, Scott has led business development for multiple organizations...

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