Why BIPRI? The Company (Part 2)

Scott Shipman
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Why BIPRI? The Company (Part 2)

The Beginning

BIPRI launched in 2016 as a provider of wellness programs for individuals suffering from cognitive or emotional disorders stemming from brain injuries. The company founder, Mickey Mitchell, has had an ultra-successful career in heavy construction and development and had a long personal history of fighting TBI related issues. In his quest for symptomatic relief, he began to source, study, and utilize, scientifically based treatments that impact brain wellness. He found relief through a combination of traditional and alternative modalities and began to assemble a team of professionals to build a comprehensive suite of tools that lead to better brain performance.

The Team

Micky assembled an all-star team of MD’s, Pharmacists, Therapists, Product Engineers, and Marketing experts to build a company to service patients suffering from TBI issues, as well as people in good health looking to optimize their brain function. I’ll be leading the company’s group assessment services and will be building a wellness / coaching platform to provide specialized fitness programs designed for our niche market.

The BIPRI Difference

I believe the way that BIPRI will deliver our recovery and performance programs will be unlike any other organization out there. Not only will we offer traditional clinical services through our MD’s, but we will be able to deliver custom programs focused on nutrition and supplementation, fitness and body alignment, vibration therapy, and cognitive training. All these programs will be wrapped in a testing and tracking platform that will allow for fast feedback on the actual and perceived impact of the interventions.

Franklin, TN & Beyond

The company operates a medical clinic and has our corporate home in Franklin, TN, which will allow us to focus several integrated healthcare and preventative services to the Middle Tennessee area. We will serve individuals across the US suffering from the effects of TBI or concussions, as well as the populations that want optimal (brain) health through our virtual wellness platform. The company is positioned for rapid growth through our service lines, but also because our virtual community will provide a platform for learning, engagement, and hope.

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